Disposal of information with Auth N Tick


Disposal of information requirement Record/document Retention period Disposal period Nationally coordinated criminal history check application At least 12 months after the receipt of the police check result No more than three months after the minimum retention period (15 months in total) Copies of identity documents the applicant presented for their police check, including verification method …

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How do I dispute check results

Dispute police check

Disputes help to identify incorrect police records and/or data integrity issues. Our police check dispute policy helps us administer our statutory responsibilities on behalf of the Australian community and provides an opportunity for applicant’s to validate their police checks. While every care is taken, the accuracy of a police check depends on a number of …

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Vulnerable people

Vulnerable People

Vulnerable people (including children) contact descriptors Vulnerable groups include The aged/elderly People with physical or mental health issues Pregnant women The poor Victims of discrimination Refugees Victims of abuse The homeless Direct or indirect contact means face-to-face contact, phone contact or any type of communication over the Internet. Supervision means in the presence of an …

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Non-Citizen Identity Documents

Identity Documents

The Australian Government requires all visitors to Australia to have a valid Australian visa; where an international passport (current) is being presented as a primary use in the community document, a current Australian Visa must be included – a Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) printout is an accepted record of current visa status. Once applicants …

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What is Single Name Check

Single Name Check

The Australian community is diverse. Many cultures traditionally use different naming conventions when documenting names at birth. As a result, an applicant may include a single name on their identity documents and in police systems which could represent one or more names in traditional Western naming convention. Single names are legitimate if the applicant is …

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