How do I reopen my police check

The police can reopen a police check if they become aware that results need to be reviewed and possibly amended. This is so applicants receive the correct results and organisations are correctly informed of an individual’s police history.

A check can be reopened because of:

  • an applicant dispute
  • result enquiry from you as the accredited body
  • police quality assurance activities on check results.

What happens when a check is reopened?

When a check is reopened, you:

  • You will be advised by the Auth N Tick team that this has been done through Raise a dispute process
  • Auth N tick will advise the applicant that the check will be reviewed and may be amended
  • Auth N Tick will explain the process to the applicant
  • You must disregard and destroy the previous police checks
  • You will be informed by the Auth N Tick team that the new result is available on the portal
  • You will be advised of the new result
  • Auth N tick will update your records with the new result.

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