Can I prioritise my Police Check


When submitting a check, you must select a priority, either normal or urgent.

An urgent priority can only be applied to police checks where a delay in results may have a direct impact on the care, safety or provision of essential services within the community. This includes when:

  • medical specialists are required for locum work in a remote area
  • emergency foster carers are needed
  • volunteers are needed to provide bushfire relief
  • support is needed for an upcoming election.

When selecting the ugent priority, you need to complete the Urgent Priority Reason field. Here you must provide a clear reason why a timely return of results is required and what the implication would be if results were not returned quickly.

Many types of reasons are not considered to be urgent priorities. Examples are when an applicant:

  • is offered employment and is due to start tomorrow
  • has an expired police clearance
  • cannot work until their police check is returned
  • wants to adopt a child
  • has a professional registration pending a police check.

The police may downgrade police checks marked urgent if you use inappropriate reasons.

Do not change priority of a police check from a normal priority to an urgent priority just because the check is taking more than 10 business days to process.

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