What is Commonwealth Employment – Police Check

A police check is a requirement for many Commonwealth employment and volunteer placement applications. In some cases, a police check must be done before the job or placement can begin. Commonwealth employment police check helps screen their criminal records for many roles, including volunteer, Not-for-profit and Working with children or vulnerable groups.

Get your Australian Police Check online today! The Australian Federal Police (AFP) Police Check is a report of your criminal and other Australian police records. It checks to ensure you are of good character before you are appointed to a Commonwealth job.

Australian Federal Police Check can be done via the AuthNTick website by registering your account. The advantage of doing an AFP check via AuthNTick is that your application is processed immediately and you do not have to scan any documents or send your credit card details via post. Copies of identification documents totalling 100 points must be provided. Details of the points attributed to identification documents are provided as part of the application process.

National Police Check
National Police Check

Commonwealth Employment – AFP Police Check

CodeCheck Name
22Aged Care Staff/Volunteers
23Aged Care Key Personnel
24Australian Securities and Investments Commission – ASIC Employee
25Australian Securities and Investments Commission – Financial Licensing
26AUSTRAC Employee/Consultant
27Care of Intellectually Disabled Persons
28Care, Instruction or Supervision of Children
29Civil Aviation Safety Authority – ASSC
31Employee with Access to Secret or Top Secret Information
32Immigration Detention Centre Employment
33Immigration/Citizenship – Australia
34Law Enforcement/Intelligence or Security Agency Employee/Consultant
35Overseas Visa – Supply to a Country other than Australia
36Superannuation Trustee/Custodian/Investment manager
37Care, Instruction or Supervision of Children/ Care of Disabled Persons/Aged Care Staff/Volunteers
40Other Commonwealth Purpose ONLY
41Overseas Employment – General Employment
42Overseas Employment – Aged/Disabled care
43Overseas Employment – Teaching
44Overseas Employment – Working with Children
45Overseas Employment – Nursing, Hospital Employment

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