What is Category and Purpose field

The purpose for the police check helps determine what police information is disclosed on the police check. The purpose field is a free-text field (up to 70 characters), however, NPCS requires that the field be completed using the following template to ensure that the purpose of the check is interpreted consistently by police. The purpose template includes:

  • position title, occupation or entitlement being sought (for example, cleaner, caseworker, firearms licence)
  • the proposed place of work (for example, school, aged care facility, financial services office, domestic worksites)
  • whether or not you will have contact with children and/or vulnerable groups (see detail below).

We ask you to assist us in collecting information about whether an applicant seeks to work with children or vulnerable people, irrespective of the purpose of employment. This information assists us in our law enforcement functions and helps police make decisions about what police information can be disclosed on a police check.

Some examples of how to use the purpose field:

If the police who are vetting the nationally coordinated criminal history check application believe that they do not have enough information to release the most accurate police information, they may raise a Request for Further Information (RFI). The RFI may be requesting clarification on your category selection or request more detail about the role

Position title, occupation or entitlement being sought


  • Proposed place of work – Children/Vulnerable people contact descriptor
  • Cleaner – Primary school – Supervised contact

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