Becoming an Australian Citizen


Do I need Australian federal police ( AFP ) Police Check? Applications for Citizenship generally requires: Identity documents Good character documents Supporting documents

Do you require an Australian Federal Police Check for immigration purpose?

AuthNTick can conduct an Australian Federal Police Check for immigration and Citizenship purposes as our service is entirely online. Step 1 Register with AuthNTick You need to register to Start your AFP Check Step 2 Complete the Online Application Form You will need to fill in the online application form. Please ensure that you have … Read more

What is AFP National Police Check?


Need a fast Police Check | Auth-N-Tick National Police Checks| Safe, Secure & Fast | Get police check within 1 Hour | Auth-N-Tick Police Checks OnlineCheap and fast turnaround | Apply online nowCriminal history checks | National Police Check Auth-N- Tick | Quick and Reliable Results In 24-48 Hrs? An AFP National Police Check records … Read more

What checks are performed by AFP National Police Check?


NO SCANNING,  PRINTING or POSTAGE 100% Cheapest Price Guarantee | Fast Email Results – Covers All of AustraliaPay By Debit or Credit – Completely Online Process. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) can conduct AFP National Police Checks for: Aged Care Staff/Volunteers Aged Care Key Personnel Australian Securities and Investments Commission – ASIC Employee Australian Securities … Read more

AFP and National Police Check

AFP Check

What is AuthNTick? AuthNTick provides criminal background checking services sometimes called National Police Checking services. We offer 40 different kinds of checks in Australia and New Zealand. Why AuthNTick? Powerful Management Dashboard We offer a dashboard to human resource managers to check a summary of recent activity on your staff National Police Checks. The dashboard … Read more

Zero-day vulnerabilities Exchange Server

Police Checks

I have been investigating the impact of four zero-day vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities that were exploited in the wild by a nation-state threat actor known as HAFNIUM. Multiple reports have emerged that over 30,000 organizations may have been compromised as a result of these flaws If you are impacted and have not patched … Read more

Disposal of information with AuthNTick


Disposal of information requirement Record/document Retention period Disposal period Nationally coordinated criminal history check application At least 12 months after the receipt of the police check result No more than three months after the minimum retention period (15 months in total) Copies of identity documents the applicant presented for their police check, including verification method … Read more

Who needs a police check

Police Check

STAFF, VOLUNTEERS AND CONTRACTORS Staff and volunteers Police certificates are required by all staff members volunteers Approved provider key personnel Key personnel of approved providers are also required to undergo police checks. Obtaining police checks for key personnel is a separate process and has different assessment criteria than for aged care staff and volunteers. For … Read more

Managing Identity Challenges


Identity challenges are not unique to Australia. They are being tackled by governments around the world – from Trusted Digital Identity framework in Australia to Aadhaar in India and RealMe in New Zealand. Proving and using identity is an important step in the hundreds of millions of trusted interactions that occur in Australia each year … Read more