Australian Capital Territory – AFP Checks

ACT Police Check

Police Check for (ACT) Applicants ACT Checks are usually required for purposes such as: Check Code ACT Police Check 8 Hospital Employment – in the ACT 9 Security Licence (Security Guard) – in the ACT 10 Aged Care Provider/Worker – in the ACT 11 Brothel or Escort Agency Owner/Operator/Interested party – in the ACT 12 … Read more

AFP Check for Commonwelth Employment / Purpose

AFP Check

Following checks AUthNTick is allowed to conduct on behalf of AFP. Code Check Name 22 Aged Care Staff/Volunteers 23 Aged Care Key Personnel 24 Australian Securities and Investments Commission – ASIC Employee 25 Australian Securities and Investments Commission – Financial Licensing 26 AUSTRAC Employee/Consultant 27 Care of Intellectually Disabled Persons 28 Care, Instruction or Supervision … Read more

What is the Australian Federal Police Check?

AFP Check

The AFP provides National Police Checks printed on secure paper. Applications may be made online for: residents of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Jervis Bay Territory and external Commonwealth territories people seeking employment with the Commonwealth Government people requiring a check under Commonwealth legislation Australian immigration purposes where the applicant resides overseas overseas employment overseas … Read more

Zero-day vulnerabilities Exchange Server

Police Checks

I have been investigating the impact of four zero-day vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities that were exploited in the wild by a nation-state threat actor known as HAFNIUM. Multiple reports have emerged that over 30,000 organizations may have been compromised as a result of these flaws If you are impacted and have not patched … Read more

Disposal of information with AuthNTick


Disposal of information requirement Record/document Retention period Disposal period Nationally coordinated criminal history check application At least 12 months after the receipt of the police check result No more than three months after the minimum retention period (15 months in total) Copies of identity documents the applicant presented for their police check, including verification method … Read more

How do I dispute my Police Check results

Dispute police check

Disputes help to identify incorrect police records and/or data integrity issues. Our police check dispute policy helps us administer our statutory responsibilities on behalf of the Australian community and provides an opportunity for applicant’s to validate their police checks. While every care is taken, the accuracy of a police check depends on a number of … Read more

Can I prioritise my Police Check

Priority Police Checks

Priority When submitting a check, you must select a priority, either normal or urgent. An urgent priority can only be applied to police checks where a delay in results may have a direct impact on the care, safety or provision of essential services within the community. This includes when: medical specialists are required for locum … Read more

Vulnerable people

Vulnerable People

Vulnerable people (including children) contact descriptors Vulnerable groups include The aged/elderly People with physical or mental health issues Pregnant women The poor Victims of discrimination Refugees Victims of abuse The homeless Direct or indirect contact means face-to-face contact, phone contact or any type of communication over the Internet. Supervision means in the presence of an … Read more

What is Category and Purpose field


The purpose for the police check helps determine what police information is disclosed on the police check. The purpose field is a free-text field (up to 70 characters), however, NPCS requires that the field be completed using the following template to ensure that the purpose of the check is interpreted consistently by police. The purpose … Read more

What is Change of Name

Marriage Certificate

If the applicant provides identity documents using a former name, such as a maiden name, they must provide evidence of the name change in addition to the four identify documents. This means providing a: change of name certificate issued by the Australian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages or an Australian marriage certificate issued by … Read more