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Auth N Tick provides fast, easy and secure identity verification services for buyers and sellers of property in real-time

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We provide simple, fast, and secure verification of identity solutions designed for Australia’s legal, conveyancing and financial professionals to meet their Verification of Identity (VOI) obligations.

Consumers suffer stress and delays in current settlement process. Auth N Tick verifies identity to avoid delays providing you and your clients greater certainty of successful on-time settlement.

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Auth N Tick with its biometrics technology is disrupting, digitising and transforming the e-Conveyancing industry

Property settlement

Delays in property settlement has financial and emotional repercussions

Research shows that property settlements delays result in

  • Undue stress
  • Negative financial implications or issues
  • Forced temporary accommodation

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Mortgage brokers can conduct Verification of Identity with Auth N Tick digital platform online

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We service financial institutions, lawyers and conveyancers to transact online


Auth N Tick completes high-quality ID verification report for broker and lender

Auth N Tick case study

IdentityIdentity check

A man has been arrested in Nigeria over the attempted fraudulent sale of a home in Western Australia, in what is believed to be the first arrest of its kind by Australian authorities.


WA Police worked with Consumer Protection and a real estate agent over eight months to intercept the sale of the house in Falcon, south of Perth.

The owners of the home are based in South Africa.

Ntuen Promise Ekenmini, 27, was apprehended by Nigerian authorities yesterday when he went to collect documents using a fake drivers licence in the name of the real homeowner.

"They've been changing email addresses, telephone numbers, even to the point they've been threatening the agent when things have been delayed."

Police allege the attempted fraud began when a man contacted the property manager of a Mandurah real estate agency on 17 December 2012, pretending to be the owner of a home being managed by the agency and requesting documents relating to the rented property.


By conduction 1:1 biometric verification (selfie with passport) of seller identity a real-estate agent could have found out that seller is using fraudulent identity to sell someone’s home.

An agent could have also verified email address, mobile phone and identity documents of the real owners, together with copies of passports of the sellers through digital verification service.

What checks real-estate agent can use?

  • Documents Check
  • Identity Verification with biometrics
  • Knowledge-based authentication for mobile/email
  • Police Checks.

What checks real-estate agent should consider?

  • Documents Check
  • Identity Verification with Biometrics
  • Knowledge-based authentication for mobile/email


Simple, Fast and Secure digital transformation and user experience

We have replaced the old 100 point identity verifications with AI, and you no longer need certified copies of identity documentation.