National Police Checks

Auth N Tick digital platform can save your business more than 50% of time and money compared to manual verification methods

We deliver automated checks through our online platform

The Australian government will digitise 80 percent of its services by 2020. With Auth N Tick you can conduct Police Checks without you ever leaving the comfort of your office or home now.

Automated Checks with Auth N Tick
Access Criminal Records

You can access criminal records within a matter of hours

Auth N Tick digital platform allows you to email, print or share your results and you remain in control of your information

Ideal for employers, a criminal history check ensures that potential employees are fully screened prior to being appointed

Verify Applicants identity

Designed to verify applicant identity

Auth N Tick Police Check provides a unique service by verifying applicant's identity

We Compare

  • Passport and driving license to selfie photos using biometrics
  • Create a linkage between the Applicant and the claimed identity

Features of digital identity verification platform

Fast and Flexible

Identity enrolment

We will be responsible for the creation of an identity record, issuance of credentials and management of the identity record.

Biometrics Verification

Biometrics Verification

We use unique identifiers such as retina and facial features and provide online 100 points "Know your customer" verification to enhance the user experience.

Australia based support

Australia based support

We host our infrastructure in Australia and our Australian support team is available to answer your questions.

Security and privacy assured

Security and privacy assured

We protect the security and privacy of our customer's data. We comply with Australian government's privacy laws and Australian signals directorate, information security manual.

Easy share your results

Quick and Easy

We deliver quick turn around on our checks giving you the freedom and flexibility to order what you want, when you want it.

Simplified flexible billing

Payment and invoicing

We have made doing business with you simple so that you can access the information they need and pay electronically with a touch of a mouse.

Auth N Tick case study

IdentityIdentity check

Peter, 49, had worked as an accountant in a medium-sized company in the telecommunications sector for two years. He was known to be competent, quiet and unassuming, and fitted neatly into most people’s stereotype of the quiet accountant.


Peter’s boss, the chief financial officer, was head-hunted to a larger firm, and Peter was promoted to his job. It was a young company that had made a lot of money quickly. The chief executive officer (CEO) was an ideas man and trusted Peter to look after the money side of things. Ten months after Peter took over as a chief financial officer, regulations changed, and five new businesses entered the market. Peter informed the CEO and executive that, although the company was still profitable, profits were likely to be less than forecast. Some people noticed that Peter was driving an expensive new car.

Four months later, Peter left the company suddenly. Within days, the CEO was told that the company was in deep financial trouble. Twenty staff were made redundant that day, and the remaining 110 were told that their future was shaky. A consulting accountant quickly found that Peter had stolen nearly $2 million from the company and had hung on until the very last minute before it all came crashing down.


The matter was referred to the police.

Peter could not be tracked down. Police soon found that he had given a false name to the company when he was recruited and that most of the details on his CV were either misleading or false. Police discovered his true identity, but unfortunately, Peter had left the country.

What checks are missed for Peter?

  • Check identity
  • Check qualifications
  • Police Checks

What checks apply to Peter?

  • Police Check
  • Qualification Check


Simple, Fast and Secure digital transformation and user experience

We have replaced the old 100 point identity verifications with AI, and you no longer need certified copies of identity documentation.