Lost Identity Service

Governments around the world are tackling Identity challenges– from Trusted Digital Identity framework in Australia to Aadhaar in India and RealMe in New Zealand

Identity crime is costing Australians $1.6 Billion a year.

Auth N Tick identity provides services to the community such as national police checks, verification for passport, visa, licence renewals, qualification checks, and confirmation of identity for travellers to prevent identity crime

one-stop solution

Auth N Tick eliminates identity fraud with its online digital platform and biometrics solutions

Auth N Tick verification combines

ID Verification

We turn any webcam or mobile phone into a secure ID reader by enabling you to take a picture and verify your driver’s licence or passport

Document Verification

We verify applicants identifying information with a government record


Protect your customer's financial future and realise many millions of dollars in economic value simply by offering online verification of identities

Identity Verification Services

Auth N Tick services are beneficial where you experience

  • Lost or stolen physical credentials
  • Compromised online accounts
  • Telephone scam
  • Concern about identity and digital security
  • Cyber bullying and exploitation of your image
  • A need to better protect your identity

Auth N Tick case study

IdentityIdentity check

Jane came to Australia as a student; she was sharing her accommodation with other students. She got a part-time job working as a system administrator for a large company. She was competent and considered to be a hard worker.


When it came time to lodge her income tax return she wasn’t sure of what to do. But instead of phoning the Tax Office or a registered tax agent, she accepted an offer of help from her flatmate Jack, another international student. She gave Jack her TFN and other personal details so he could complete her tax return, which she then lodged with the Tax Office and received a tax refund.

Jack used her TFN and other details to open bank accounts in her name. Jack stole Janes identity and got a personal loan of $15,000. It was later discovered that Jack also got loans for other international students who had left Australia.


The matter was referred to police and bank. Luckily the police investigation detected all fraudulent loans filed by Jack and was arrested. During his trial, jack admitted fraudulent lodging loans for other international students who had left Australia and used accounts opened in their names to get hold of their tax refunds.

Jack was found guilty and sentenced to two and a half years jail and had to pay back the money he claimed

Meanwhile, Jane found she had problems getting a loan as a result of Jack’s crimes. It caused her considerable stress constantly having to prove her identity.

What checks can be done?

  • Lost Identity Check
  • Identity Verification
  • Check qualifications
  • Police Checks

What checks Jane should consider?

  • Lost Identity


Simple, Fast and Secure digital transformation and user experience

We have replaced 100 point identity verifications with real-time checks. You no longer need certified copies of documents