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The most common recruitment fraud is when an applicant claims qualifications that were not awarded

Auth N Tick will make employment checks fast and easy.

  • Auth N Tick will check the details in an applicant’s curriculum vitae (CV) to ensure that there are no unexplained gaps or anomalies.
  • Where possible, Auth N Tick will contact previous employers to confirm past employment and ensure that the details match those in the applicant’s CV.
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Auth N Tick will confirm education qualifications with issuing authority


Request original certificates or copies certified by the issuing authority


Compare details in these certificates with those provided by the applicant


Confirm the existence of the educational institution and the details provided by the applicant

Auth N Tick case study

IdentityIdentity check

In 2013, Joseph Hikairo Barlow was sentenced to 14 years’ jail for defrauding Queensland Health. Barlow made 65 fraudulent grant payments to himself between 2007 and 2011, totalling more than $16.6 million and including a single fraudulent payment of $11 million.


Queensland’s Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) found that, from the outset, Barlow was a high-risk employee: he had a criminal record, was wanted for questioning in New Zealand for fraud, and had fabricated his CV and his heritage as a Tahitian prince. His conduct in the workplace manifested signs of chronic unreliability, characterised by an obvious lack of respect for the workplace, a propensity to take advantage of the service conditions, consistently poor attendance, erratic work hours that were not recorded on timesheets, excessive amounts of leave taken without proper records kept and poor-quality work not to the standard required of his seniority level, requiring other staff to complete or redo his tasks.

Barlow would later admit that he actively intended to defraud Queensland Health.


The matter was referred to Queensland’s Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC). The CMC found that Queensland Health missed the initial warning signs of Barlow as a high-risk employee and failed to investigate properly when it became aware of concerns relating to his behaviour. The CMC also found that some co-workers assisted Barlow in carrying out his fraudulent behaviour. Although some co-workers were unwitting accomplices, the CMC found that a number failed to comply with policy and procedure and recommended that disciplinary action should be taken against them.

What checks are missed?

  • Identity Checks
  • References Checks
  • Undertake a criminal history check

What checks apply to Barlow ?

  • Identity check


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We have replaced the old 100 point identity verifications with AI, and you no longer need certified copies of identity documentation.