Why my Police Check is Delayed?

Your check can be delayed if your check is referred to the police for further investigation because your name and date of birth may be the same or similar to the personal details of someone who has a criminal history in the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission national database.

How long will my check be ‘referred’ for?

Unfortunately, there is no exact time frame if your check is referred for manual checking as each individual case differs. Checks that have been referred generally take between 1–15 business days, depending on the reason it was referred and the current workload of the police department.

As all NPCS Accredited Agencies use the same system to obtain Police Checks, a referred check occurs irrespective of who you ordered through. If your AuthNTick check has been referred it would have also been referred had you ordered elsewhere.

ACIC has advised all Accredited Agencies (including AuthNTick) that all checks referred for further inquiry cannot be escalated until 20 business days after submission.

Approximately 39% of all National Police Checks are referred for further investigation.

What is a check follow-up?

You may initiate a check follow-up if you are concerned about how long it is taking to finalise a police check. Before you initiate a check follow-up you must:

  • wait the required 10 business days
  • confirm through AuthNTick that the check is still open
  • ensure no Requests for Further Information (RFIs) are waiting for your response
  • ensure the check was submitted and has not been withdrawn or is still being held.

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