Who is AuthNTick

Auth N Tick is an accredited body certified by ACIC. We are an Australian company that offers national police checks, identity and biometrics verification services and checks, criminal background checks for employers and employees.

What is an accredited body?

Accredited bodies are:

  • Australian Government departments and agencies
  • state and territory government department and agencies
  • local government departments and agencies
  • not-for-profit organisations
  • private sector businesses
  • legislated working with children and/or vulnerable people screening units
  • commercial broker organisations (who on-sell access to police checks to their customers and/or to individuals).

Accredited bodies may use the Service to request police checks with informed consent:

  • of their own employees
  • for any individual
  • for another organisations (known as a legal entity customer or related government entity for the Service).

As an accredited body, we liaise between the ACIC and your customers who are applying for police checks.

We operate our services in line with required legislation, including the:

We also access the Service strictly in line with:

AuthNTick main responsibilities as an accredited body

Your main responsibilities relating to the Service and police checks are summarised here. They include:

For more information

  • Phone: 1300 288 468
  • Email: info@authntick.com.au

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