What is Single Name Check?

The Australian community is diverse. Many cultures traditionally use different naming conventions when documenting names at birth. As a result, an applicant may include a single name on their identity documents and in police systems which could represent one or more names in traditional Western naming convention. Single names are legitimate if the applicant is currently or has previously been legally known by that name.

A single name is where an applicant’s name comprises:

  • only one word, or
  • several words not documented using Western naming conventions (first name, middle name and family name).

All names, including single names, must be declared on each application

AuthNTick can identify and accept this type of check for primary, maiden, alias and previous names. You are responsible for confirming and validating that the applicant is legally recognised by the submitted single name through the verification of the applicant’s identity documents.

The Australian Government’s Guidelines on the Recognition of Sex and Gender, available from ag.gov.au, defines gender as a part of a person’s personal and social identity. Gender is not the chromosomal, gonadal and anatomical characteristics associated with biological sex.

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