Volunteer check requests

We may accept a volunteer check request from you where an applicant has provided their informed consent for a position or role, on the basis that:

  • The applicant will:
    • freely hold the position or perform the role on a voluntary basis and
    • not be an employee or contractor and will not be entitled to a salary or any other entitlements associated with the position or role, other than payment of out of pocket expenses or
  • the applicant is a student undertaking a compulsory vocational placement as a requirement of an Australian-based academic institution or training course.
  • You must show evidence about the role they are applying for to ensure that they are entitled to a volunteer check.
  • AuthNTick will assess your applicants applying for volunteer checks and expect that you will have evidence to support your submission.
  • It is applicants responsibility to ensure that you are submitting requests for the correct category.
  • If we find that you have submitted check requests incorrectly or inappropriate we will initiate cost recovery action.

The volunteer check category is not available to applicants applying for the Australian Government’s Work for the Dole Scheme.

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