Managing Identity Challenges

Identity challenges are not unique to Australia. They are being tackled by governments around the world – from Trusted Digital Identity framework in Australia to Aadhaar in India and RealMe in New Zealand.

Proving and using identity is an important step in the hundreds of millions of trusted interactions that occur in Australia each year Auth N Tick gives people control of their identity and eliminate the frustrations of repeatedly verifying who they are in everyday transactions.

Consumers in Australia need to verify and authenticate their identity several times every year and are increasingly conducting more transactions online – and on mobile devices…. With Auth N Tick we digitise identity, you won’t need to carry physical artifacts, they’ll carry their biometric facts on their body and they’ll have their mobile phone, with certain credentials. At Auth N Tick you won’t have to go through the laborious process of proving yourself every time.

  • At Auth N Tick we put the consumer at the centre and in control of your identity. customer experience, more effective border controls and it will be a lot more cost-effective and easier than a paper-based process
  • Auth N Tick face verification service (FVS) for biometrics matching in combination with National Police Check Service and Document Verification Service, prevents identity fraud for Australian consumers.
  • Auth N Tick digital identity platform designed for users to provide authentication without having to continuously resubmit their identifying documents. Our digital identity platform addresses security, privacy and trust of consumers and business owners.
  • With Auth N Tick you only share information with consumer or business that is necessary to complete the job – and you are in control of your identity and who has access to it.
  • Auth N Tick provides digital identification services for Australian living in the remote area, intersex people, and people affected by natural disaster or on behalf of others, such as elderly parents or children.

At Auth N Tick we provide effective border controls and cost-effective solutions easier than a paper-based process

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