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AuthNTick can assist you in obtaining an AFP National Police Check issued by the Australian Federal Police (AFP). AuthNTick is approved by Australian Federal Police to conduct Immigration and Visa police check.

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Police Check

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AFP Checks are usually required for purposes such as:

  • Aged Care Staff/Volunteers
  • Aged Care Key Personnel
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission – ASIC Employee
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission – Financial Licensing
  • AUSTRAC Employee/Consultant
  • Care of Intellectually Disabled Persons
  • Care, Instruction or Supervision of Children
  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority – ASSC
  • Employee with Access to Secret or Top Secret Information
  • Immigration Detention Centre Employment
  • Immigration/Citizenship – Australia
  • Law Enforcement/Intelligence or Security Agency Employee/Consultant
  • Overseas Visa – Supply to a Country other than Australia
  • Superannuation Trustee/Custodian/Investment manager
  • Care, Instruction or Supervision of Children/ Care of Disabled Persons/Aged Care Staff/Volunteers
  • Other Commonwealth Purpose ONLY
  • Overseas Employment – General Employment
  • Overseas Employment – Aged/Disabled care
  • Overseas Employment – Teaching
  • Overseas Employment – Working with Children
  • Overseas Employment – Nursing, Hospital Employment

The character requirements are set out under section 501 of the Migration Act 1958. They help us decide if you are of good character.

You must meet the character requirements if you are applying for:

  • A Visa
  • Australian citizenship

After you apply

Immigration may ask you to:

  • provide a police certificate
  • You can register with AuthNTick to get your police certificate.

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