Criminal history screening

A nationally coordinated criminal history check (police check) is a collation of police and conviction history information about an individual that has been determined releasable by Australia’s police agencies and made available to you by the ACIC. The police check involves processing an individual’s biographic details, including name and date of birth, against information held by the ACIC through the National Police Checking Service Support System (NSS).

Police checks are important because they help protect the community by providing police and conviction information to inform decision making. Police checks are used by many organisations to minimise the risk of employing or granting an entitlement to an unsuitable person.

Police checks are valid at the time the information is released by police and should not be relied upon outside this release period.

Consent based service

An applicant’s informed consent is needed for every check submitted.

Name-based checking

The Service uses an applicant’s biographic data to undertake a search across police holdings.

Point-in-time check

Check results are only valid at the time of release1.

Purpose and category specific

Check results are only released for the specific purpose and category submitted.

Information release

Spent conviction legislation and information release policies apply to checks to determine what information can be released.

Because of the way that the NSS operates, police checks are valid at the time the NSS identifies potential matches of applicant’s names through its automated matching process; this is then informed by disclosure decisions made by police agencies

National police history check results

The ACIC provides accredited bodies with electronic access to police checks through the NSS.

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