Can you arrange a fingerprint check?

As our service is entirely online, we cannot accept applications where fingerprints are required.

How is AuthNTick different?

Time is money, and few tools can streamline a process quite like our for National Police and AFP checks. Ideal for employers, a criminal history check ensures that potential employees are fully screened prior to being appointed.

  • You’re able to get near-instant results
  • Offer Powerful HR Management Dashboard
  • Offer powerful Applicant Tracking System
  • Automatically manage your companies compliance requirements
  • Improved Applicant On-Boarding Experience
  • Handle Sensitive Applicant Data
  • Applicant information remains safe and accessible only to the account holder
  • DVS makes it harder to use fake IDs to commit identity fraud
  • Fast – Secure – Trusted by Industry
  • Confirm identity including confirming the right to work in Australia
  • AFP and ACIC accredit organisation to conduct National police checks
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Our Police Check are Suitable for:

  • Employment
  • Licencing
  • Probity and Licence
  • Immigration and Visa
  • ACT employment
  • AFP Police Check
  •  Accreditation purposes
  • Volunteering