AuthNTick vs Local Police station

In short, no. There is no difference in the Police Check document you receive from AuthNTick, your local police station or the post office as we all use the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission system to obtain this information.

There is, however, a difference in the speed, efficiency, and security of the service you receive and the way your police check is delivered to you. These are the areas in which AuthNTick stands head and shoulders above the rest.

AuthNTick will be handling all questions from applicants or employers relating to police checks you have submitted.

AuthNTick will play an important role in educating applicants and liaising with them. This includes:

  • explaining that their information will be kept confidential and private
  • advising how they should enquire to you about their police check
  • explaining that we cannot answer questions relating to their check as we cannot adequately identify applicants and cannot jeopardise the protection of their information
  • keeping them informed on their check’s progress and time frames involved
  • letting them know when their police check is complete
  • explaining that they can dispute a police check
  • explaining that their informed consent, personal information and check result will be destroyed and when it will be destroyed as per your contract.
  • Applicant can conduct check from the comfort of your home
  • Electronic Identity Verification through AuthNTick portal
  • Our unique system means you may receive your completed check results in as little as an hour and allows you to email, print or share a unique and secure link to your results.
  • The result of a National Police Check will then be provided to AuthNTick and be made available to you immediately

Managing applicant expectations

Part of Auth N Tick role is to manage expectations by letting applicants and your legal entity customers know how long it takes to receive police check. You must provide applicants and your legal entity customers with information about:

  1. the way a police check is processed, including when you would follow up on a police check
  2. how a dispute about a police check is handled

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