ACIC police check

A nationally coordinated criminal history check (police check) is a collation of police and conviction history information about an individual that has been determined releasable by Australia’s police agencies and made available to you by the ACIC. The police check involves processing an individual’s biographic details, including name and date of birth, against information held by the ACIC through the National Police Checking Service Support System (NSS).

Police checks are important because they help protect the community by providing police and conviction information to inform decision making. Police checks are used by many organisations to minimise the risk of employing or granting an entitlement to an unsuitable person.

Police checks are valid at the time the information is released by police and should not be relied upon outside this release period. The following state and territory screening units are the only organisations allowed, under legislation, to conduct working with children checks

Australian Capital Territory Access Canberra – Working with Vulnerable People
New South Wales Office of the Children’s Guardian
Northern Territory Northern Territory Government
Queensland Queensland Government Department of Justice and Attorney- General – Blue Card Services
South Australia Department for Communities and Social Inclusion
Tasmania Department of Justice
Victoria Justice and Regulation
Western Australia Department of Communities

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