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We enable digital verification of your customers to open bank account an effortless, harmless and flawless process

Enhance customer retention strategies with Auth N Tick

We help the banks to streamline their Know Your Customer registration thereby reducing onboarding time and manage compliance

Digital Customer Verification

With Auth N Tick Banking solutions you can


Enhance your bank's customer retention strategies with Auth N Tick Know Your Customer registration


Auth N Tick will safeguard your customers' digital identity using online biometrics platform


Protect your customer's financial future and realise many millions of dollars in economic value simply by offering online verification of identities

Auth N Tick will provide services to help protect your customer's financial future and well-being

New world

Speed and convenience for banking customers

Auth N Tick biometrics solutions have introduced a new world of speed and convenience for banking customers. They can avail identity verification services from virtually anywhere.

With implementation of Auth N Tick Know Your Customer process, we identify and verify customers on your behalf in real time for a swift onboarding experience

Auth N Tick case study

IdentityIdentity check

In a major crackdown for KYC lapses, the Reserve bank of India has imposed $54 million penalties on 13 public and private sector banks, including PNB and HDFC Bank, while asking eight others including SBI and ICICI Bank to ensure strict compliance with guidelines.


Reserve Bank had undertaken scrutiny on advance import remittances from 21 banks in October and November 2015. RBI said it had imposed a monetary penalty on 13 banks for "violation of regulatory directions/instructions/guidelines, among other things, on KYC norms".


The fined banks could have put in place appropriate measures and review KYC controls from time to time to ensure strict compliance with KYC requirements on an ongoing basis by verifying their customer and government-issued documents. The banks did not have controls in place to ensure strict adherence to KYC/AML requirements, By utilising Auth N Tick digital platform all verification and documents could be verified using biometric technology.

What verifications can banks use for KYC?

  • Documents Check
  • Identity Verification
  • Check qualifications
  • Police Checks

What checks banks should consider?

  • Documents Check
  • Identity Verification


Simple, Fast and Secure digital transformation and user experience

We have replaced the old 100 point identity verifications with AI, and you no longer need certified copies of identity documentation.