We automate the National Police and Work Rights Check improving the quality and accuracy of information

AUTHNTICK can integrate its services into your HR systems to transform your digital capabilities for smarter and more efficient client onboarding

Our mission & vision

Mission Vision

Our Company Auth N Tick Identity Services, exists to provide National Police Check that supports people and business in building trustworthy relationships and to prevent use of false or misleading information for unlawful gain

Offer revolutionary technology to provide simple, fast and secure identity verification services to reduce cyber fraud

What we do

Designed to reduce instances of identity fraud, Auth N Tick provides a wide range of identity verification services, including national and international police checks, financial, education and employment checks.
Accredited by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, our police checks can be carried out by using online digital platform.

Our solution

  • National Police Checks

    National Police Checks
  • Identity verification Service

    Identity verification Service
  • Education & qualification Service

    Education & qualification Service
  • Lost Identity Service

    Lost Identity Service
  • Real Estate Business

    Real Estate
  • Insurance Business

  • Employment Recruitment

  • Banking & Finance

    Banking & Finance

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